Kris Szafranski

I design, build, and lead others in making remarkable technical things.

Tenacious and empathetic human who loves making games.

I'm a natural leader with a wide variety of technical and soft skills from a long career in software development, including indie game development.

I've built teams and companies and products by listening, staying focused, and working super hard.

I would love to make games with you!

A Druid's Duel

I have a long history in all kinds of software development but my passion is for creating and building.

From building games and apps to growing teams and departments, I am a resourceful, kind, and engaged teammate who loves to help others get where they want to go. All while crushing goals and maintaining laser-like focus on the things that need to get done.

I am a firm believer that you can achieve more together and that honest communication is the key to most problems. I have a proven record in helping teams achieve amazing things.


  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Openness
  • Humility
  • Perseverence

What I Do

  • Game Development using Unreal, Unity, and custom engines in 2D and 3D capacities
  • Programming in C#, C/C++, JavaScript, PHP
  • Proficient with UE Blueprints, UMG
  • Implement myriad gameplay systems and mechanics including player controllers, animations, complex sequences and event delegation, GUI, Achievements, etc.
  • Strong and resourceful problem solver who's not afraid to try new approaches
  • Proficient with OOP and component-based methods with an eye for reusability
  • UI design and implementation
  • Deep understanding of general version control workflows, Git in particular
  • Game Design - ideation, rapid prototyping and evaluation, economy/data modeling
  • SteamWorks integration, REST/API integration
  • Blender (modeling/rigging, animation, texturing)
  • Fullstack Web Development (JS, Node, React, SQL, etc.)
  • Audio and Video production/editing
  • Pixel pushing (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Project Management, Certified ScrumMaster (2023)
  • Software Development Management, Personnel Manager (growth/dev, hiring, performance-improvement, etc)

I love the challenge of bringing games to life.

Below you'll find info about my most compelling projects and prototypes.

A Druid's Duel

A Druid's Duel

Completed indie game released on Steam.

Unity C# 2D Steamworks

PHP JavaScript SQL Node.js

Designed, built, and released over the course of 20 months.

From prototype playtesting to a successful Kickstarter campaign and beyond, you could say I bit off a lot. It was a tremendous, unbelievable experience and I loved every minute of it!

Druids was built in Unity before Unity2D was really a thing so I used the Orthello sprite engine as a base. It launched with a single player campaign of over 50 hand-made levels against a challenging AI, boss battles, online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and Steam Cards and Achievements.

I consistently managed the project through a series of milestones yet adjusted gameplay features through iteration and playtesting. Contractors were used for audio, art, animation, core AI programming, and PR. Oh yeah, I also kept up with constant social media promotion and networking.

I learned what it takes to release a game to the world: dedication, consistency, marketing, testing, polishing, and more!

Game details available at the website.


Completed 2D game available

C++ DirectX Windows 2D

I built a custom engine and level editor using game engine development resources.

I went significantly beyond what the book helped me produce. I had to refactor a lot of what was provided to work with so many subclasses and handle the complex timing of events. Notably, I added an Animation System to handle animation processes including callbacks and efficient list management. I also had to do signifcant work on the collisions to get the desired bounce behaviors.

I'm very proud of implementing some of the things from other engines into this one. I got to see what it's like when you're provided with nothing and everything you want the game to do must be built up from scratch. I can appreciate how much engines like Unity provide and the tradeoffs involved. I found that I really liked knowing how all the pieces worked together and feeling there was nothing extraneous. However, I did feel the pain of having to reinvent things like UI and rollover states!

More details and code available on GitHub.

Rites of October

Cosmic horror adventure in the style of RE 7/8 available on

Unreal C++ Blueprints 3D Blender Cinematic AI

I've implemented the specific feel of the RE first-person player controller and mechanics using Blueprints, including cinematic cutscenes, in this horror experience project. Using the UE5 lighting and atmospheric effects, including post-processing exposure and color saturation. I've developed a creepy, gritty, unique visual style that fits the game well.

I've built a task/quest system integrated with an inventory system, implemented combat mechanics (including thrown objects) and utilized the AI Perception system for multiple enemies, each with their own unique Behavior Trees.

I've added some C++ components for tween/animation effects as well which will take the given Actor and apply shake, scale, movement type linear translations.

On top of this I've animated the FPS arms, NPC movements, built out a ton of props in Blender, and worked with music and sfx.

Code available on GitHub


Epic MegaJam 2023 Entry available on

Unreal Blueprints 3D Blender

Built in six days with UE5, using Blueprints and the FPS template. Original game design and assets.

Working with another developer, I was responsible for implementing the core "time echo" replay mechanics and did so with Blueprints. I also made the lever-pull animation in Blender, all of the UI, as well as some of the static meshes and materials.

We hit an ugly snag with the build output - some meshes were disappearing! After hours of research and working I determined it was due to the "pin" feature mixing with the default world partitioning. I had to rebuild the puzzle assets (which I hadn't worked on) so we could submit a build. It came down to the wire but I got there!

This was my first time using Unreal and Blueprints and I'm very proud of how quickly I adapted my skills from other game engines. I was productive within hours and I loved diving in to the unknown!

Code available on GitHub

Monsters of Myth

Protoype Action RPG

Unity C# 3D Blender

Live your best life as a mythical monster roaming the countryside in search of food, loot, and mayhem.

Players can destroy villages, manage hunger by eating inhabitants and animals, gather materials, have dialog with NPCs, and throw things around. Villages regenerate over time and spawn villagers to defend themselves. And shoot arrows at you. Ouch.

Utilizes Component- and Object-oriented methods to keep behaviors discrete and modular.

Focus: 3D player control, camera movement, 3D modeling/rigging and animation, architecture, complex gameplay with a living world.

Raiders of the Twisted Temple

Unity C# 3D Blender

Prototype 3D Endless Runner

This began as a simple sketch and concept for an endless runner that would include Tetris-like rotatable portions of the path that would serve as challenging obstacles.

Focus: 3D work, modeling, rigging and animation in Blender of a low-poly character with running and idle animations, maze generation.

10th Annual Dungeon Run!

Unity C# 2D 3D

Prototype Endless Hack n' Slash

The core idea was to make an endless Zelda dungeon/runner cross, where distance over time was the primary objective.

Players control a party of fantasy trope character classes where the party leader is the only one visible and dictates which attacks, powers, and speed are in use. Players swap the leader to best handle the current situation, providing some strategic elements.

I've implemented the core mechanics of party swapping, character and camera controllers, and board generation in both 2D and 3D.


Prototype Strategy Sim

Unity C# 2D AI

Smite is a retro-styled real time sim/strategy (god) game where you grow your population and keep them in line with god-like power.

Your followers will traverse the area and settle new villages. If they get stuck, they will become dissatisfied and plot to overthrow your people.

Focus: learning pixel perfect 2D camera and practicing my pixel art. Follower AI for traversal and growing villages.